Land Purchase

Large Plot with spare Land

If you own or have knowledge of a large plot of land with development potential, or would be open to split your property with a view to sell then we can work together to achieve this.

We work to a philosophy of ‘fair market’ value as we have an open and direct communication regarding all related matters.

Corner Plot with Land

Depending upon configuration a corner plot can offer great opportunities to unlock some potential land that otherwise would be neglected or hard to maintain. Sectioning off a portion of land for development could provide you with very much needed funds for retirement or to pursue other business opportunities.

We can help with making the right decision by offering sincere advice.

Large Plot With Back Garden Or Undeveloped Land

Back garden plots offer a valuable resource of land that would be utilised for sale and property development.

The only criteria is that you would need some access from the rear or side, or certainly enough for a fire truck to get through. This can also provide a valuable route to free up some land.

Land Assembly

Do your neighbours have some land to sell?

If you have neighbours who are agreeable then we can do something called Land Assembly where two or more back gardens can be “lumped” together to form a very “large cluster” suitable for several housing and larger property developments.