HMO Development

Our main experience stems from our extensive knowledge of commercial HMO (House in Multiple Occupation) Development and management of our portfolio.

In 2006 we first started with commercial conversions and rapidly moved on to creating HMO’s, which has been our main priority and has allowed us to build an extensive portfolio through hard work and dedication.

We pride ourselves in the top-quality accommodation at affordable prices that we have been continuously providing for our client base. Some examples of our properties can be viewed below to show you the quality of our work.

Westfield Rd Acocks Green B27 (Dec 2020)

(Specialist Midlands Properties is our sister company) Another grand Victorian Property converted to HMO with 7 ensuite rooms huge kitchen and utility

81 Douglas Road Acocks Green B27 (Jul 2020)

(Specialist Midlands Properties is our sister company) 81 Douglas Road Acocks Green B27. This is our flagship 7 bedroom HMO with excellent ensuites. Super project with great 10m Extension to the rear and Dorma. Currently a lovely home for 7 tenants.

122 Douglas Rd Acocks Green (May 2021)

(Specialist Midlands Properties is our sister company) 3 Bed Terraced Property converted to a 6 Bedroom HMO with all en-suites. Super low maintenance right next to Acocks Green Rail station.

Mallard Close Acocks Green B27 (Apr 2021)

This is an update for Mallard Close where much work has been finished.

♦️4th 6Bed HMO on track to finish soon♦️
✅3 Bed ▶️ 6 Bed without Extension with
✅Garage conversion completed
✅Kitchen Fitted
✅Laminate floors all in.
🔜Order pre-built furniture.
🔜Concrete Driveway
🔜Next projects being lined up.😁

122 Douglas Rd B27 Pouring Concrete (Jan 2021)

We have a tremendous experience on how to get jobs done with good timing and as little effort as possible. All that is required is a a degree of preparation logistics and a methodical way of getting things done.

122 Douglas Rd B27 Preparatory work for Concrete Pour (Dec 2020)

All good work going on to prepare for the big concrete pour to level the garden and make it maintenance free. If you don’t make them maintenance free then this is a big drain on your resources in order to pay for gardening year on year and this never stop so better to stop this happening from day one and cost is vastly reduced.

Westfield Rd B27 Lawful Development Certificate (May 2020)

All our developments are done under the cover of correct planning to ensure all development are “Lawful” and the necessary planning has been granted. There is only one way to do it and that is the correct way. This is a 7 Bed HMO with a huge garden.

Westfield Rd B27 Plastered Covid (Mar 2021)

This big huge project hits a stand still during the latest Covid but work carries on in a very controlled way. Workers come in and so their work in safe environment which I come in at night to check progress. Use of WhatsApp videos and other way means delivery and work can carry on regardless.

Westfield Rd B27 Post Staircase Install (Mar 2020)

West field Rd – How to stall a staircase – This is a video of when the staircase has been installed to unlock the potential of a loft space for an extra room.

Watch the previous episode to wat the preparatory work required to set up prior to the install of the staircase. Great insight into the world of timber staircases.

Westfield Rd B27 Pre Staircase Install (Mar 2020)

West field Rd – How to stall a staircase – This is a video of when the staircase is yet to be installed. All the work gone into the setup will all been worth while.

Watch the POST install episode to watch the end result post install.

Great insight into the world of timber staircases.

122 Douglas Rd B27 Initial Purchase (Feb 2020)

One of many, yet another purchase on Douglas Rd owing to very popular road right next to the Acocks green train station. Suburb terraced very suitable for very good conversion to 6 bed HMO in a very sort after area. Strip out begins and work well under way for the extension. Watch this space.

Westfield Road B27 7TN Extension Brickwork (Jan 2020)

Back at Westfield to check progress on the Extension work and the brickwork is immaculate, always purchase bricks from a reputable supplier as the quality of the brick really matter and seriously affects the end result. Much progress has been made on the rest of the property with multiple trades people all over the property. Refurbishment at its peaks…

81 Douglas Rd B27 Update Plastered (New Years Day 25 Dec 19)

Back at 81 Douglas for another update on all the plastering… quick progress with multiple plasters on board to stream through the work.

Also marks the beginning of creating a Dorma and basic structure in place.

81 Douglas Rd Dorma Progress (Dec 2019)

Blistering away with progress on the internals of the Drona… all too god when the shell is done much more to make it habitable.

Load of extra cost to get the two dorma rooms ready.

Westfield initial Purchase - Completed on 2 properties (Oct 2019)

How often do you get to complete on two properties in 1 one day!… well today marks a rare momentous occasion when we completed on two properties.

A huge 4 bedroom Victorian Property and a 3bed semi. both in Acocks Green Birmingham.

81 Douglas Rd B27 Dorma Strip out Preparation (Jan 2019)

This is what you have to do to get a Dorma built. The entire 1st floor needs to be dropped by 18″ in order to increase the height of the head room in the loft space. Then you rea set to go and ready for a big strip out of the loft trusses and one side of the roof. Big job but all in the planning.

81 Douglas Rd - Loft Conversion Step by Step (Sep 2019)

In this video we look at how to convert a loft space into two habitable rooms, watch the nest few videos in the series. Everything looks dauting until you try it for the first time.

81 Douglas Rd Planning Circumvent (Sep 2019)

Development is brilliant but when it comes to planning you have to be creative when you hit problems. ‘Obstacles are what you see when you takes your eyes of the goal’. An obstructive neighbour can cause delays when it comes to planning, so you have to work closely with the planning department and other teams contacts to brainstorm alternatives, be creative and think laterally in order to arrive at a solution that is mutually viable.

Brays Rd Sheldon Sub Floor (Sep 2019)

Who said property is passive!, no matter how passive you try and make your properties you can always be surprized at the odd occasional maintenance issue that comes up and you don’t always have the luxury of having to wait for builder or your team to help bail you out. Sometimes you just have to take matters into your own hands and deal with the situation.

Nuneaton We Buy Any House In Cash (Aug 2019)

We Buy Any House In Cash. We also are on the lookout for people who wish to sell their property for wanting of many reasons. We have the capacity to make a fair offer in cash with days and can have the funds to you within as little as 7 days. Feel free to reach out to us and we can have an informal conversation.

81 Douglas Rd B27 Purchase (July 2019)

Yet another purchase and completion with finance from investors. Sometimes it is just a case of spotting a deal when you see one and it takes experience to be able to snap off the deal and seal the deal a.s.a.p. This property is opposite one of my previous HMOs and decided to make the pounce.

Arden Road Bees infestation (Jun 2019)

Who would have thought a bees nest could create such an issue with tenants. Problems like these are best dealt with promptly. These bees decided to take up residence along side the tenants and the tenants were not happy so somebody had to go…. since bees don’t pay rent… 🙂

Arden Road HMO Visit (Jun 2019)

Ever had a HMO Officer visit to check for compliance !.. Watch this to see what they scrutinise. They check all manner of things like smoke detectors, gaps in fire doors, Full Panel Alarm System, certificates you name it. Nothing to fear if you are doing everything to compliance.

Arden Road Purchase (Apr 2019)

Hi this is another one of our flagship HMO with huge garden. This was one of our earlier HMOs which we did with our own bare hands, right from scrap to completion over 9 months with no assistance. It is not until you do things for yourself that you truly understand how builder can give you the run around. Superb property which has some lovely tenants. Well worth all the grafting that my wife and I did double handed.